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The Poor State of The National Media

The Poor State of The National Media

Watching the ITV news tonight only drove home the disappointing fact that the popular channel is failing to inform the British public on important matters. In the opening story it was extremely biased against the border control strikers, where the journalist, Lucy Manning, was clearly on the side of the government, being very aggressive and negative in her questioning, offering PCS leader, Mark Serwotka, no opportunity to show the strikers’ side of the story. What ITV failed to inform the public of is that the government are enforcing thousands of job cuts, offering poorer pay and working conditions and privatising more public sector jobs.
Next up was the story of policeman Simon Harwood cleared of manslaughter. Watching this news programme you will have been told that Harwood had hit and pushed Ian Tomlinson to the ground but the jury had came to a not guilty verdict. What you weren’t told was that this was somewhat of a legal contradiction as a jury 14 months ago, at the inquest into Tomlinson’s death had ruled that he was unlawfully killed by Harwood.
ITV also failed to delve into the controversy concerning the cause of death, where the first pathologist, Dr Freddy Patel, asserted his belief that Tomlinson died from heart failure. However three pathologists in two further postmortem investigations believe that Tomlinson died from internal bleeding associated with the liver and consistent with being pushed to the ground, where Dr Nat Cary told the court that even a relatively small amount of internal bleeding would cause death. The jury was not told that Patel has twice been suspended by medical authorities for mistakes in other postmortem examinations and is no longer on the Home Office’s register of approved pathologists.
So what have we learnt; we have a government which is slowly destroying the public sector to feed private companies in seek of taxpayer profits, hard workers are criticised by a journalist for disrupting the precious olympics and a policeman is free despite a coroner’s jury ruled his actions to be an unlawful killing. But to top it all off, we have a mainstream channel refusing to cover both sides of a story and offering its many viewers a half-hearted attempt at broadcasting the news.

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  1. The police across the world are being used as weapons of war by the global elite against the people and in the USA we have many recorded incidents of police killing civilians execution style as was the case with Oscar Grant. In the UK we have the case of Ian Tomlinson’s death who was murdered by a policeman for being in the wrong place at the wrong time but with the elite owning the justice system lock stock and barrel many of the perpetrators of these crimes against “We the people” are allowed to walk away scotch free by the courts and that’s if the case makes it to court.

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